Week 1: Gender Matters

Do differences between men and women really matter? We’re living in a world that generally says … no! But God has a very different perspective. After completing week one in your True Woman 101 book, watch this twenty-minute conversation between authors Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Mary Kassian, and their friends as they talk about just how important your womanhood is—and how much gender really does matter!

Download these discussion questions from Week 1: Gender Matters—the same questions found at the end of week one in your True Woman 101 book. We recommend discussing these with a small group of friends if possible.
Pastor John Piper clarifies from Scripture the ultimate meaning of true womanhood. No small task, to be sure, but his conclusion is bound to leave you breathless! Watch his video to learn more about why Gender Matters, and download your listening guide here.
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Week 1 videos

Here are a few short, additional video clips on why Gender Matters.

  • HollysStory

    Holly’s Story

  • AssaultKids

    Gender Assault on Kids

  • PictureGender

    A Picture of Gender

  • SignificanceWomanhood

    The Significance of Womanhood


Week 1 resources

Read more on why Gender Matters with these featured resources on ReviveOurHearts.com and TrueWoman.com.



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