Week 6: Hear Me Roar

It’s normal for women today to have the mindset, “I am woman—hear me roar!” But this model didn’t work for Eve, it hasn’t worked for the feminist movement, and it won’t work for you and me. After completing week six in True Woman 101, watch this twenty-minute conversation between authors Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Mary Kassian, and their friends as they discuss how to find true fulfillment and joy—in God’s design for us as women.

Download these discussion questions from Week 6: Hear Me Roar—the same questions found at the end of week six in your True Woman 101 book. We recommend discussing these with a small group of friends if possible.
Mary Kassian takes us to Proverbs 7 to contrast being a wild woman or a wise one. Watch her video to learn how to display godly wisdom in a world gone wild—and download your listening guide here.
Questions? Thoughts? Share and interact with others about Hear Me Roar and how you can base your idea of womanhood on God’s thinking instead of our culture’s.

Week 6 videos

Here are a few short, additional video clips on how we Hear the culture Roar.

  • FeminismsEffect

    Feminism’s Effect on Young Women

  • AttackMasculinity

    Attack on Masculinity

  • MobilizationFeminism

    Mobilization of Feminism

  • ValuingWomanhood

    Valuing Womanhood in Singleness

  • w6-infl1950

    The Influence of the 1950s


Week 6 resources

Read more on how we Hear the culture Roar with these featured resources on ReviveOurHearts.com and TrueWoman.com.



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